Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bridal Plaigerism

Have you ever had an inspiration or thought, only find out that others have already blogged about it?

I was all set to write a nice post about Etsy's featured seller Bonzie. I was going to tell you how romantic her boleros were,

how delicious the fabric looked in piles of ruffles like whipped cream,

how I had found not only a grogeous winter wrap, but an inspiring FEATHER bouquet,

but then, Miss Beagle beat me to it!

I'm sorry I have to commit this act of blog bridal plaigerism, but Bonzie's boleros really are worth another look today!

Do you hop on blog bandwagons and perpetuate items you love throughout the blogosphere? Or do you just think to yourself, "Oh rats! It's been done, no need to keep kicking that dead horse"?

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