Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't want to jinx it . . .

because the contract hasn't been signed yet . . . but here's a sneak peek at our reception location :)

(hehehehehe, can you tell I'm a little giddy and keep acting like I'm all powerful by giving you "sneak peeks"? It just seems like what everyone else is doing on their wedding websites.)

The venue selection process has been a much longer and more complicated process than I ever imagined. T-minus 235 days until the wedding, well, just wait one second. 235 seems like a lot of days. Ok, T-minus 8 months and no contract is making me a little nervous. I keep reminding myself of everyone I know who has pulled off a wedding in less than 6 months. I'm still easy, breezy and just fine on my timeline!

Is there an aspect of your wedding that took longer than you thought to finalize? Did you feel rushed even though you still had a respectable amount of time left to plan it?


Christine said...

Our rings....we were INCREDIBLY late picking them out, buying them...you get the idea. There were a few moments of severe panic. Let's just say my ring wasn't picked up from the jeweler until about 21 days before the wedding.
AND my dress had to be significantly re-altered a month before the wedding; I picked up the finished product a mere 9 days before. No wonder I got so thin from all the anxiety... :)

Catie said...

Hi Melinda... Just catching up with your blog! looks like a lovely venue :)I am a little late, but here is some feedback from my wedding.
Something that took my forever was my programs. The Academy wanted them done a certain way and we took them to Office Depot to be printed. Well they screwed them up so bad. So they redid them and they still looked awful. 6 days before our wedding we had my parents, my grandmother, and myself and Ethan around my parent's dining room table reprinting and assembling these ourselves.
The other thing was my invitations. I thought it would be a great way to save money by doing them on my own. This also turned out to be a nightmare! I had to have them in the mail mid August before I caught a flight. It took so long. I literally finished them as I was walking out the door to the airport and had to have my dad mail them the following business day.
So no worries, things never go perfect. One of the best pieces of advice I received before my wedding day was that the day will NOT be perfect, but at the end it will still have been beautiful and you'll be MARRIED :)