Friday, July 17, 2009

Long Awaited, Much Anticipated Part 4

Even as my dress resolve remained with my heritage dresses, Mother Palindrome and I visited salons in order to find the fit, style, and inspiration for my designed gown. We first visited P. Lawrence Bridal in my hometown. Our bridal consultant, Angela, was amazing! She let us go through the racks, I tried on as many gowns as I wanted during our hour appointment, we were allowed to take pictures, and she even wrote all of the designer information down for us when I had chosen my top dresses. I hadn't even brought a camera because I had been watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and Kleinfeld's says photo snapping is a huge No-No! Another plus to visiting P. Lawrence is that they have a sample sale rack in the back of the store. Perfect for brides looking for a deal.

The second salon we visited that same morning was Distinctive Designs Bridal. Again, we worked with a delightful consultant who let us browse the racks. This consultant readily told me what worked for my figure and when we showed her a magazine ad of an Anne Barge dress,

She immediately returned with a lovely alternative in my price range.

I tried on 3 gowns. Then I tried on the 2nd dress again. Then my mom cried. The other consultants gathered around me. "That is YOUR dress!" One of them announced.

I swirled in front of the mirror. I didn't want to take it off. BUT I really wanted to have a custom design using my heritage dresses! What was a girl to do????

I think that God has a funny way of working things out. Read my previous posts here, here, and here for the proof. After making the decision to buy MY dress at Distinctive Designs, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was betting my parents would arrive and the dress would be sold. I was betting the salon would burn down and I'd be back at square one. None of those scenarios played out though. Instead, I have this lovely hanging in my closet:

For inquiring minds, the Melinda (as I've started calling her to differentiate between the Mother and the Grandmother - all 3 hanging in my closet!) is a 2008 Pronovias Collection dress that was on sale as a sample dress. I'm too scared to try her on by myself, but my first fitting will be documented!

Were you set on a wedding detail that didn't go your way, but turned out delightfully in the end?

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