Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Awaited, Much Anticipated - the Story of the Dress Part 1

Before I was engaged, I had the idea to use both of my grandmothers' dresses and my mother's dress all in one dress. I had this vision of cutting up the fabric and bringing them all back together in a sentimental couture wedding dress that would be sure to make everyone cry. (Happy tears people!)

Within weeks of getting engaged, my maternal grandmother sent me her satin dress.

Look at the beautiful train - and the skinny minnie waist!

I also picked up my mother's dress.

Doesn't this vintage Alfred Angelo just say, "I'm a modern 70's bride!"????

And my paternal grandmother was searching in her attic for hers. I immediately contacted a family friend of mine who went to design school. She's a real-life fashion designer who had already sewn two wedding dresses (one for each of her sisters). I talked price with her, I talked logistics, I talked inspiration.

I was ecstatic to move forward with scheduling an initial consultation.

*cue foreboding music*

Ever notice how much I cue the music? In another life I must have been a conductor.

Anydress, when I started the process, I thought the most difficult thing would be convincing Mother Palindrome that what she considered to be her ugly 70's dress could be transformed into pure magic. The story has a happy ending, but all of the steps weren't as happy along the way! Stayed tuned for the next installment of the dress story.

Are you incorporating family dresses into your wedding? Are you wearing your mother's gown?

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