Friday, July 24, 2009

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend in Wisconsin

How's that for alliteration? As an English major, I take a lot of nerdy pride when I accomplish literary features like that. *Curtsy*Curtsy*

Over the 4th of July, the future Mr. Palindrome and I marked one more state off our list in my quest to visit all 50. My roommate married her college sweetheart in a military wedding extravaganza in the land of cheese. Knowing her, I expected nothing but the best wine, cheese, and entertainment. From the beautiful calligraphied envelopes to the welcome reception on the lake to the photobooth, it was a wedding weekend to remember.

Eventually, I'd like to interview her and give you the lo down on all of the military traditions she included. In the mean time I wanted to show you how the future Mr. Palindrome and I immortalized ourselves in her photobooth/scrapbook guestbook. I had the idea to write "VA is for Lovers" on a few pieces of paper we found laying around. Unfortunately, the pen that I wrote the letters with was much too thin to show up on film. Luckily, there was a thin sharpie on the table and I was quickly able to draw the intended message back onto the photo.

Cute huh? What message would you write for your friends?

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