Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now you can see our faces AND get the milk for your cereal

Our Save-the-Dates went out in the mail last week! This was a huge relief as we had been pushing it off due to the venue uncertainties. Originally we had wanted to give people 8 months of notice since our date is around the Christmas holiday. The little beauts got out just a tad under 6 months out.

I hemmed and hawed about these bad boys. First, I was set on Bucknell Save-the-Dates. I wanted them to boast of the percentage of Bucknellians that marry of other Bucknellians set against a picture of Rooke Chapel and embellished with mini blue and orange striped envelopes hiding library stamped dates. We couldn't get the layout right though and I wasn't convincing very many people that my vision was going to materialize into the epitome of coolness. Second, I narrowed it down to 3 pre-made post cards or magnets. Third, the Future Mr. Palindrome and I asked my mom which one she liked then we took the dive and ordered.


This is the lovingly hand addressed front of the Save-the-Date that was sent to me. My mother and grandmother assembled them all while I was off buying a house and eating cheese (which I still owe you a recap of my roommate's WI shindig!). I was so excited to get this cutie petootie in the mail. I couldn't open her though until I made the drive to Durham where the Future Mr. Palindrome had the camera. I was so excited to finally open her that I didn't realize there was so much craziness going on in the picture until I was editing the photo for the blog:

Click to enlarge.

Right . . . anyways, I learned an important lesson: If your mom spends all the time hand cancelling the envelopes, you should probably address them lower and remind the Post Office not to send them through the machine . . . and the biggest lesson of all, don't sweat it! No one noticed :)

On to the back of the envelope! My mother bought a lovely embosser with their address on it. She embossed the back of each envelope. The envelopes were smaller than we thought and when they ran through the mail machine, they got a little dirty. But again, no one has noticed. Or if they have, they've been kind enough not to say it.

Now we're getting to the good part! The Save-the-Date magnet!!!!! Yes, we went with the magnet and yes that is white paint on my thumbnail . . .

We ordered the magnet itself, a glassine envelope to protect the magnet, the post card with pre-sliced holes to hold the magnet, and the envelopes. Here's a picture of how the magnet hooked into the holder.

Here's a detail shot of the glassine envelope as I open it.

And last one of the just the magnet:

I'm so grateful to my family for pinch hitting this mailing for me. They truly blessed me by allowing me to focus on the house.

Have you been able to delegate a chunk of planning to anyone?

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