Friday, April 3, 2009

Come to my wedding Yo!

I’m not exactly sure when Save-the-Dates (STDs hehehehe) came into vogue, but ever since I received my first one, I knew I wanted to send them. In some ways, I think they’re on the narcissistic side of weddings where those little magnets say: “Look at me! Put me on your fridge! Think of me every day for the rest of your lives!” But on the other hand, they’re so darn cute! And convenient when trying to remember which weekend dates between May and October you will be out of town. It’s like I don’t need a day timer, I just need to look at my fridge.

Seriously. Making Save-the-Dates could be my full time job. Here’s the routine:

1. Search the bowels of the internet, the hills of the blogs, the valley of the Knot for inspiration until your eyes glaze over and you’re pretty sure your retinas have burned off.
2. Wait for your eyes to heal, then choose the perfect theme/design/whatever and begin the intensive internet search for discounted supplies, coupons, postage stamps until you fall asleep on your lap top and realize that you have 37 pages of the letter G imprinted on your blog entry.
3. Realize that the idea won’t work due to cost/limited resources/time restraints/change in desired feel/change of mind for desired colors/etc.
4. Repeat.

I did this for about the first two weeks I was engaged. Then I settled on the idea – and gosh darnit, I’m going to execute these bad boys. These are the obstacles I must overcome in order to realize my Save-the-Date dreams:

1. Choose a venue – yeah, a city and state would be an awesome thing to include on the cards. Sigh. See this post for current status (yes, still the same status as then!)
2. Find picture in mess of moving boxes that I never unpacked 1.5 years ago – I took a bunch of beauty shots of the campus where the future Mr. Palindrome and I met – and it was a film camera . . . so I need to find the pictures, so we can scan the best one. Awesome – I have 14 boxes all crammed in an attic cubby and that’s the only place I can think of where they could possibly be. Hello weekend project!
3. I like the idea of mini-envelopes on one side of the post-card – but I don’t know if these are post office friendly – I could mail one to myself from work and see if it gets there in one piece, I could take a prototype to the post office and see what the clerk says, or I could bail on all that extra work and just buy envelopes . . . leaning towards the lazy trail!

Just making the list of obstacles, makes me want to send an e-save-the-date.

Did anyone have an easy time of save-the-dates? What were the obstacles you overcame? Did they turn out as nicely as you had hoped? Or did you ditch the save-the-dates all together?

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