Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hitting up the Big Apple

The future Mr. Palindrome and I were in NYC a few weekends ago as he was finalizing his MBA school choice. We enjoyed being wined and dined and the fabulous views that went along with big windows on top floors in the financial district.

Before I joined in on the academic fun, I met up with two of my bridesmaids from the area for a crash course bm dress shopping outing. Using the tips from the local NYC hive, I pieced together a mini-itinerary for us.

First we met at Starbucks for some caffeination. Google maps will tell you there's a Starbucks in the same location as the Macy's Herald Square. I was expecting it to be on the street level, but instead, it's actually inside the Macy's. And there's not just a starbucks, there are 6! I recommend the balcony one overlooking the purses though. It also happened to be timed during a garden show, so the balcony gave us good views of flamingos made out of azaleas and about 1 million tourists taking their pictures in front of them.

From the Starbucks, we made our way up the ancient escalators (that must have been around during the filming of Miracle on 34th Street) to a floor full of dresses (maybe 5 or 6?). The junior's side was chock full of prom type stuff and we quickly determined we had outgrown these looks. We walked a block inside the store to the opposite end to find the ladies cocktail dresses.

I think the best look on my bm, D, was this Calvin Klein square neck pleated dress:

My FSIL, J, looked amazing in a dress that is similar to this dress from Charlotte Russe. Except the dress at Macy's was mostly black and only the inside layer of the bust was ivory.

When we got dressed out and hungry we started walking towards the spot that Google maps told me 'wichcraft was. I had my heart set on one of their grilled cheese sandwhiches. We walked and looked and couldn't figure out just where it could be, when it dawned on us, it was inside Bryant Park! There were a few little stands and since the weather was the most gorgeous it had been all spring, we grabbed a table under an umbrella. I highly recommend the grilled cheddarsmoked ham, pear & mustard on cranberry-pecan bread. Yumm-o!

Then, since I'm a sap and like to "capture the moment," we took turns taking pictures together before J had to jet off to catch her train home.

J and D in their sunglasses glory

D and me - and my poor little arm that got a smidge of sunburn

FSIL and Me

D and I also headed to Lord and Taylor where we tried on just a few dresses that didn't really have any potential. However, we did find some fun jewelry! Then we treated ourselves to ice creams! I loved that I could introduce my FSIL to one of my best college friends and that we got to enjoy a beautiful spring day in the park.

Did you go to a big city to look for dresses? What was your experience like?

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Shirley said...

Interesting.!! Thanks for sharing the pics. I too got a beautiful black dress from Macy's.