Thursday, April 16, 2009

Up, up and away!

In this second shoe option post, I'll focus on the heel options that have caught my eye. I found most of the options on Ebay since it was so easy to narrow down the size, color, and designer - bonus points, there are some great deals!

Kate Spade Gold Gwen Slingbacks

I'm not crazy about them, but with the name, they should be more comfortable than most high heels. It's a clean and polished look.

J. Crew Daniela D'Orsay

Peepety peep toes! How stinkin' cute are the bows? And gotta love not having to pay J. Crew prices.

J. Crew Mary Janes

More like Plain Janes . . . but I could spruce these bad boys up with a feather and shoe clip no? They also just look comfy for a high heel.

Notice how I keep going back to comfort? Maybe I should go with the slippers! Anyone wear slippers as their wedding shoe? Did you regret not having a formal pair of shoes?


emily said...

I think the D'orsay and the Naturalizer peep-toe flats are my favorites - I'm more of a heels girl, but I'm short. Then again, I'd likely also go comfort over high fashion, so that doesn't help.
Will you even be able to see your shoes with the length of your dress? And will you want to dance in them? You don't want to get great shoes if you'll only end up barefoot halfway through the reception!

Stephanie said...

I was a flip-flop bride, so I fully realize that my opinion on this matter may not count. That being said- I can say that I have the D'orsay shoe (purchased via ebay) and I don't recommend it for wedding day. Very pretty, but not as functional/stable as you would need to get through the day without having to think while you walk/dance about. And no one wants to have to think about walking, of all things, on the big day.

Christine said...

I bought 2 inch heels since my groom is 6 feet and I'm a lowly 5'3. I wore them EVERY night for about 3 months to break them in around the house. I think that helped. But honestly, unless you have a pair of 4 inch heels that are heinously uncomfortable, you won't notice them. I forgot about my shoes until about midnight when someone asked if my feet ached. You'll be so blissfully happy, you just won't think about it! :)