Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Palindromes make their WWW debut

Anyone ever pronounce it de-butt? Hahahahahahahaha - I find the spelling of debut funny in a very 7th grade sort of way.

Anywebsite, back to the story! After about 2 days of researching, penny pinching, hemming and hawing, Miss P, our event designer pulled through in a big way. She suggested looking at:

My Wedding

I know what you're thinking. I'm psychic like that. It is a terrible home page. Just move past that and click on Free Websites on the top navigation bar.

Just look at some of these amazing designs!

I found about 4 designs that also had color combinations in our palette. I didn't feel like I was "settling" for a design that didn't sing to me and I didn't feel like I was handing over a lot of money (because it was no money at all!). What's more, I didn't sacrifice functionality. I'm still getting an RSVP tracker, music player and more extra pages than we'll know what to do with. Really, it was the perfect solution for us.

I've only gone live with the homepage, our story page, guest book, and contact us. As soon as I figure out the venue for sure, I'll add all of information before we send the save-the-dates.

Here's a shot of the top half of our homepage:

For privacy's sake, I've sloppily edited our names and date with the spray paint function in paint. How 1999 is that? Awesome.

Was the wedding website important to you? Any other great free sites you've used?


melinda said...

PS - take a good look at the tabs open in my web browser . . . hahahahaha! CNN, check. Yahoo, check. Wedding bee, check. Love it!

Christine said...

I love it - sounds perfect based on your theme! :) Since we had a holiday wedding over a long weekend, we used the site to communicate a lot of events and fun ideas around the beach. I also like it for registry purposes. The first place I look for wedding details and/or registries these days is the web.