Monday, April 27, 2009

Martha, Martha

Don't get me wrong. I love Martha as much as the next girl. I remember first seeing my beloved green milk glass dishes on her show and coveting them. I remember her introducing me to the wonders of the KitchenAid stand mixer. She gave me the courage to explore cookies and cakes from scratch. Then she went to jail at a compound modeled after my university.

So you see, Martha and I have a complex and twisted past. Even so, I signed up for her daily wedding inspiration e-mails. About once a week or once every other week, I'm pleasantly surprised with something relevant. Every other day though . . . well I get an email like this:

Consider lesser-known types of flowers for your bouquet. For example: Ranunculus, while not nearly as popular as roses, can make just as beautiful of a bouquet.

While this bouquet does look different than a lot of bouquets out there, Martha (or should I say Darcy) is about 6-8 months behind the times. A quick google search of "ranunculus wedding bouquet" turns up 13,800 hits. A quick scan of the April Wedding Bee Posts, turns up quite a few too. The Ranunculus is no longer the wall flower, it is THE flower.

When I first saw it used, I thought I had fallen in love. Then I realized every other bride out there was thinking the same thing. AND it's not quite in season in January. Sigh.

Have you ever seen an idea for you wedding and then realized that you were the latecomer to the idea? Did you go with the idea anyways? Or were you turned off since everybody else was doing it?

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