Monday, April 20, 2009

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I love the idea of the wedding website. Like Save-the-Dates, sometimes I think they're narcissistic, but also like Save-the-Dates, they really come in handy! I reference the websites of marrying friends at several points during the planning process, especially if I'm attending the wedding from out of town. Due to the majority of our guests traveling from out of town, we considered a website to be a must.

I browsed all of the well known providers plus a few. I knew that we weren't quite tech savvy enough to create one from scratch, so we went with the pre-designed ones created especially for weddings. Here's my list:

Wedding Tracker
Pros: Recommended by our Event Designer, Flash Designs
Cons: The themes didn't fit the feel I was going for

Pros: Great designs! Starting to get close on the feel
Cons: A tad more than we wanted to spend
In fact, I almost splurged for this theme because I was getting really frustrated with the lack of neutral colors available across the board.

Wedding Window
Pros: Great designs and highly customizable
Cons: The customization takes a lot of effort and it's a tad expensive
But check out this amazing looking site!

Wedding Website Templates
Pros: Interesting designs I hadn't seen before
Cons: Not the best user interface and needs a lot of work

Wed Simple
Pros: A ton of features included, more neutral palette designs
Cons: Again with the price, just on the expensive side

This website helped me to easily compare a lot of options side by side:
Wedding Websites

Just as I was about to throw my hands up in the air and shell out over 50 bucks for a good looking and functional website that I wouldn't have to hire a html writer to do for me . . . Miss P (my event designer) came through with some great (read FREE) alternatives. Check back next time for the exciting conclusion - same bat time, same bat channel (anyone else watch the old school batman when you were a kid?)


emily said...

I love that you're going through this and evaluating what you've found - what a great idea! (I'm sure not designing mine when we get there . . .) We've definitely used the websites when we're attending - and even just for local weddings, it's really useful to have all the information in a central location.

emily said...

Woohoo! I can comment now!

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