Monday, April 13, 2009

Falling Flat

Sometimes, I'm a little self-conscious when I wear high heels. The future Mr. Palindrome loves me in heels and thinks flats look a little like "grandma shoes." I too love heels, but I also soar to 5'10" or above when I slip them on. The future Mr. P? He rocks me hanging off his arm in my high heel glory like sane Tom Cruise used to rock the less botoxed version of Nicole Kidman. Me, I avoid pictures standing on the same level and prefer taking pics when I'm standing a step below him. Yikes!

This has led to an interesting debate in my head. Should I boost my confidence and own my height by wearing heels? Or should I find a lovely pair of flats and be comfortable (mentally and physically)?

Here are some of the flat options that I have been scouring on the internet:
Isotoner Slippers

These babies will keep my tootsies toasty - but will not be good for the walk from the reception to the hotel. They'll be comfortable for dancing, but maybe not as picturesque.

The Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat

In Ivory, the cutie-petooties just might bring together style and functionality. But will the Mister think I look like I'm on my way to the retirement home?

RSVP Herlene

I love the peep toe and jewel ornamentation . . . but I'm not loving the scrunchy look. I suppose on my feet, they'll appear flat though.

Ruby and Bloom Grace Ballerina Flat

I always wanted to be a ballerina - and with a little touch of vintage clip on earrings . . . eh? I see the potential.

Naturalizer's Verdum Peep Toe Flats

Similar to the Herlene, but less scrunchy and no bling. I think these would be a statement that the shoes just weren't that important to me. Which might be the statement I want to make, but I'm not sure.

I'll post later this week about some higher options to give you the full spectrum of considerations. Until then, any favorites out of this bunch?

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Anonymous said...

So here's my thing about heels. I love the way they make my legs look - what girl doesn't? That being said, in a wedding dress, typically the legs are covered 99% of the time. You know, except when your new hubby's under there trying to snag the garter. And since it's a big day and you'll probably be dancing and walking around talking to everyone, I'd put comfort above all else. If you can find something cute and comfy, I say go for it.
P.S. I know I'm a Yankee, but am I the only one who thinks open toe is dicey in January?