Monday, April 27, 2009

And then there were two

Venues that is. We've officially narrowed it down to two venues and unofficially chosen one. I can't reveal it yet because we haven't signed, but I thought to tide you over that I would post the inside pictures that the Future Mr. Palindrome took when we visited.

Drum roll please.

First the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach:


Cocktail area



Grand Ballroom

Are you holding your breath to see the other finalist??

Hold no longer - take a deep breath in!

Fredericksburg Square:

Chapel Area

Cocktail area


Fancy self-playing piano

When the contract is signed, I'll have a venue contract completion party! Seriously, this has been the hardest part about the wedding. It can only get easier after 4 months of venue searching right?


Yeah, right!

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