Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Long Awaited, Much Anticipated Part 2

From my first post about wanting to design my wedding gown using my grandmothers' and mother's gowns, you'll have noticed that foreboding music was playing. If you know me and my I Love Lucy tendencies to getting involved in humdingers, you'll know that nothing ever goes without a hitch in my planning processes.

The first hitch was that my paternal grandmother couldn't find her dress. After her wedding she preserved it and decades later, my Aunt wore it in her wedding. After my Aunt wore it, we sort of lost track of it and my Aunt thinks it was lent out again.

Hmmm . . . now I was down 1 dress, which also means we didn't have quite a bit of material. I couldn't afford much more material due to the cost of having the dress designed and sewn by hand. My friendor/designer suggested a good work around for this setback and assured me we could scour thrift stores to find other dresses with useable material.

The second hitch was that my maternal grandmother had never preserved, or for that matter cleaned, her dress after the wedding. The hem was filthy and there was a rust stain as well as what could have been a motor oil stain. Hmmmm . . . the only work around here was to either not use those portions, thereby cutting into our fabric supply, or have the dress dry cleaned and hope it didn't fall apart (which was not only risky, but also costly).

I was determined to save my idea as I had made this project my number 1 priority for the wedding. Whatever anyone else said, I wanted to see this project through and make everyone cry at my wedding because they were in awe of my sentimentality.

The third hitch, which deserves a post of its own, broke the camel's back. Whatever could have happened to derail me??? Stay tuned! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Have you experienced set back to projects that you were really invested in? Did you keep pressing on, or did you reach your breaking point?

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