Monday, July 27, 2009

Call me anything but late for dinner

I should know the proper punctuation to make the pun in the headline. Tonight though, I'd rather talk about food than commas. Especially food that could put you into a coma. Comma, coma, tomato, tomato.

Anypun, last week, in between moves, the future Mr. Palindrome and I squeezed in a tasting with a higly regarded caterer in the area. East Beach Catering had been recommended to us by a local florist and was one of only a few caterers on the Opera House's approved list. (Right now their website is down, but see their profile through Wedding Wire here.)

With high expectations we arrived at her newly renovated store front in northern Norfolk near the bay.

Kathy, the owner, has the philosophy that you feast with your eyes first and one of her top priorities is an inviting table setting. I loved the beach theme for her store and check out these awesome napkin holders!

Kathy delivered our first course of a strawberry mango salad with rasberry viniagrette. Usually, she makes the salad with rasberries, but the strawberries looked fresher that day. Either way, I loved the sweet and tropical flavor. For our winter wedding, this will seem like a real luxury!

Our next course consisted of a southern specialty that I did not learn to like until moving to Virginia - shrimp and grits! This staple got a contemporary makeover in a martini glass rimmed with old bay. Yumm-o!

Along with these two courses, we had a lovely basket of warm yeast rolls. Now, along with grits, the other southern delicacy I have learned to love is Chick-fil-A. I'm head over heels for this chicken people! My favorite item on their menu is the 3 (or 4 when I'm ravenous) piece Chicken Minis. Hello sweet fried chicken on a tasty yeast roll! Come to MOMMA!!!! Kathy's yeast rolls had the same flavor as those that encompass my beloved Chicken Minis, but they WERE EVEN BETTER. Yes, you read that right. Kathy's rolls beat Chick-fil-A's! I ate 4 or 5 all by myself and the only reason I stopped is because I thought that asking her to fill the basket a third time was absurd.

With yeast rolls still on the brain, Kathy brought out a super tasty beef tenderloin, some parmesean crusted chicken breast, and the mother of all loaded mashed potatoes. I almost loved the potatoes as much as the yeast rolls!

After our main course, Kathy sat with us and talked about events she had recently done. Her Step daughter, son and daughter have/will all get married this year! She had the best tips on bands and photographers. Her son even got married at our venue!

I ate the warm cookies she brought out for dessert before I could take a picture of them. Let's just say that I hope these make an appearance as a mid-dancing snack Half-way through the reception. :)

Kathy worked up a proposal for us and we're finalizing the contract this week. I'll let you all know when we've confirmed the menu!

Did you sign with the first caterer you did a tasting with? How did you know your caterer was "the one"?

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