Monday, July 13, 2009

Opposite of Camera Shy

I probably like to be in front of the camera a little too much. That's why I intend to soak it up on the day of the wedding. I'll be like Paris Hilton and my photographer will be like my own personal paparazzi, following my every move.

Besides liking to be photographed, I also like being on the other side of the camera. As a studio art major (don't worry, my parents made sure I doubled in something a tad more useful - English! hahahaha), I loved learning about the dark room process and how the inner workings of the camera captured light.

That all said, the photography has become my top priority about the wedding. If I'm going to have a big, fluffy wedding, I want the "holy photographer! that man knows how to work an f-stop!" of photographers. I want to bring in the big guns of artistic innovation, meticulous post processing, and an eagle eye.

Due to my priority/obsession, I started collecting photographers names and blogs right after we got engaged (or maybe it was a few weeks . . . or months . . . ok, I always kept a running list). By the time we had chosen a city for the wedding, my list was 50 photographers long! From that list of 50, I cut out several long distance or completely out of the budget photographers. I scoured for my favorites. Eventually I cut to a list of 12. After a run by the Future Mr. Palindrome, it was a list of 10. After the bridesmaids and our moms took a crack at them, it was down to 4. I interviewed 3.

My top choice, Ego Media, had actually already photographed us. They photographed our friend's wedding last fall.

E + C's wedding - courtesy of Ego Media.

I had a whole post in my head about how cute it was going to be that they were going to photograph us again!

The Future Mr. Palindrome with the groom and other swords bearers singing "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" to the bride. Courtesy of Ego Media.

The photos of me are featured in my post about catching the bouquet!

I loved their photographs, I talked to them extensively and agreed with their philosophy on every level. Then came the BUT and it was a BIG BUT . . . the package I wanted, plus travel fees, plus a la carte charges for must have additions came to a whopping $1000 more than the budget could handle. I could have had them if I were willing to sacrifrice some services, but in the end, I made the difficult choice that my quality/quantity threshold did not match the pricing that we could get with them. Bummer! Especially since everything else lined up so nicely. If you're getting married in the Annapolis, MD area, check them out!

My second choice, Genevieve Leiper, had an impressive portfolio. During our interview, she told me how she was experimenting with medium format photography for weddings - something I was 100% interested in! She offers a winter discount on her packages and it was more in line with what we could afford. However, Genevieve is celebrating her wedding anniversary the same weekend as our wedding and her husband surprised her with a romantic getaway! Amazing for her, but sad for us!

Our third choice, K&K Photography, were an all around great choice. They have a great portfolio, great recommendations from Miss Planner, and we had a great interview. I was concerned about the "Florida" feel to some of the portfolio though and in the end decided that it wasn't worth flying two photographers in - I got all sentimental and green, thinking it might be better to go with someone local that I could get more pictures for the price I was paying for travel fees.

In my next photography post, I'll reveal my two new local choices! Have you had to regroup after thinking you had narrowed down one of your vendor choices?

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