Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A big uh-oh

If you recall this post, you may remember my trial run palindromaid pomanders. If not, this should refresh your memory:

The test was going remarkably well. I was convinced this was a success. Then one day, sometime around move day actually, I took the pomander out of the closet, took it off its hanger and held it in front of a mirror to admire it.


Umm, seriously, it had doubled in size as I stuck more and more on it. It was as big as my head. I took a picture of it next to my head. Then I proceeded to pull my lovely flowers off of it. Then I realized I didn't have the memory card in the camera. Then I realized that if I retook the picture, the pomander had shrunk again because there was nothing in it.

Since you can't see the picture, here's a picture of just my head.

Now imagine that if instead of showing off my new haircut, I was giving you an image of just how large the pomander had become. See what I mean? Too big!

And yes, I'm wearing pajamas. Yes, it's still light outside. That's how I roll, just like my great grandmother. There was an ever so brief period, probably from the ages of 6-16, that I did not change from street clothes into pajamas the moment I came home for the day. I'm glad I saw the light and returned to the wise ways of Great Grandma Palindrome. It's so much comfier.

Since I had already bought 6 of these (1 for me and 5 for the palindromaids), I decided that the best course of action would be to see if I can exchange 5 of the ones I have not poked full of holes, for smaller ones for the palindromaids. I'm also considering using the white balls instead of the green styrofoam balls. Since there is no greenery in my arrangements, I think the white might be a better base color. While I'm at Michael's it wouldn't hurt to see about a white ball for my bouquet. I will still use the same size, because my bouquet should be as big as my head. It also won't hurt to check out the clearance aisle. You know, just 'cuz. "Just 'cuz" is the reason I have spent over $100 before. Maybe it would hurt. I'll make that decisions at game time.

Have you made an "uh-oh" on a crafting project? Were you at the point you could come up with a new game plan and correct it?

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