Thursday, July 9, 2009

That Sophie

That Sophie is a popular gal. Which Sophie you ask? Does this picture jog your memory?


Fresh faced Sophie, with a delicious mop of red bed head curls, picking poppies in the hills of France before her wedding. (Alliteration anyone? Yes PLEASE!)

I swear I first saw her at Snippet&Ink, Once Wed, or perhaps even Practical Wedding. I know for sure that I saw Sophie a few other places across the blogosphere, including a reference from Miss Bear Cub.

Well, the other day, she showed up in my mail box! Not Miss Bear Cub, but Sophie Poppy! I receive the Martha Stewart Daily Inspiration emails and today, Sophie happened be the email subject. At first I thought, "Sheesh, Martha is hitting bottom of the barrel stealing someone else's real wedding and posting about it long enough after the first post so that it's already been done, but not long enough that people forgot."

I should have given Martha more credit! Sophie is actually a Martha Stewart bride and the blogosphere picked her up from Martha.

*cue "It's a Small World" music*

And so my friends, I've completed the circle of wedding website life with Sophie. It feels like I've come home.

Have you ever followed a trend around the blogosphere? Which trend did you love and stalk?

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