Friday, July 31, 2009

Change is coming!

Well folks, for the last few weeks you may have noticed I was posting quite a bit, pulling together multi-part posts, and even unveiling my favorite wedding related story so far (Sylvester and the Dress!).

Just like you could tell when Parents' Weekend was coming (the landscaping went into overdrive at Bucknell), you might have guessed that something was afoot. Indeed, I had submitted my application to be a blogger on Wedding Bee. For a few weeks, they followed the blog, they talked about it in committees, and then they voted on my fit as a blogger for their site. I was informed by a form letter from the intern that I had not made the cut.

I was disappointed last night. This was the first big goal I had been reaching for since completing my first half-marathon. I was really happy blogging and thought I had some great ideas to share. I admired the community in the hive (as they punnily call it).

Today, I see the silver lining. I get to keep my Palindrome moniker! Plus, not worrying about the Bee format will allow me to develop the blog in a few exciting ways! First, I can be a little more sarcastic. Second, I don't have to end each post with a silly question that hangs there like a lonely half of a high five when no one answers it (a high 2.5 if you will). And third, I can do give aways. My other blog heroes (who also do give aways) will be listed to the right and I'll be changing my tag line under the header.

Hang with me friends! The blog is about to take a little turn from Bee Street to Palindrome Avenue!


Denise said...

Well, I think your blog is fantastic. You're like a mini-wedding themed Pioneer Woman!

Jess said...

Aww, I'm sorry the 'bee didn't work out. I've been following your blog since you PMed me over there, and I thought for sure you'd make it. I guess they have a lot of applications to sift through. Annnnnnnnnyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take your blog from here with your newfound freedom!! :)

Jess (BucknellBride on the 'bee)

emily said...

I'm sorry you didn't make the Bee-list, but I'm grateful for your originality - I hope you have more fun now on your own!

The good news is with a goal like this, you're still getting married, you're still putting out an awesome blog, and you're still pulling together one crazy-amazing DIY superorganized wedding extravaganza - so I wouldn't exactly call it falling short of completion overall.