Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saying Cheese

The long version of my photographer choosing story starts here. This is the short story right here!

Once we had decided to pursue a local photographer (Supporting local artists! Greener!), my mind jumped immediately to one particular photographer. I also researched a few more and added one to my shortlist. I spoke it over with Miss Planner, my wedding coordinator, and she investigated each further. She interviewed them and worked out pricing and suggested that I meet with Sam Hughes.

I had seen Sam’s work before and he was the photographer I was sure I wanted to interview prior to more research. Sam shot a friend’s wedding in May and I was in awe that they were able to keep their two beautiful proof books in addition to a CD will full printing rights.

At the interview, Sam and I talked for 2 hours about photography style, our work travels, and the aesthetic for the wedding. I was sold, Sam printed off the contracts, and I had a photographer. Easy, schmeasy. For the first time in my planning process, a decision had been made in less than a week, and I had signed my first vendor since hiring Miss Planner back in February. Woo hoo!

Here's my favorite candid from our friend's wedding:

Source: posted on Sam's picblog

On more from his blog that I loved:

Sam and I have a rad idea for the engagement session, but I'd rather surprise you! So stay tuned for the results in the fall!

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