Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Table Inspiration Part 1

I attended 7 weddings last year. Prior to last year, I was gaga over weddings. I would get bridal magazines in the airport on business trips so no one would know. I would chat with my mom and rip out ads to save in a folder she kept. It was clandestine, pre-ring wedding planning. More on this topic later, but for now, just know that I loved long tables since I was clandestine wedding planning. Also know that I have yet to be at a reception featuring any other table shape than round.

These are the reasons why I fell in love with long tables:




Miss Planner is totally on board with the idea and we're working on table scape ideas. One of the ideas involves food as the centerpieces! Now that's my kind of centerpiece.

Have you thought about having tables in shapes other than round? Or were you confined to the rentals available with your venue?

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