Monday, June 22, 2009

Gettin' yo 'maid mojo on! (Key Word Coordinating Part 2)

Remember this post? With all the cute wrapping paper? That cute wrapping paper was a piece of swag from the fanciest bat mitzvah I've ever laid eyes on. I helped my cousin's design firm on the night by directing the guests (read: 13-year-olds) to the custom Converse sneaker spray painters. I also helped hand out the swag bags (read: party favors) that included sweatshirts, pins, t-shirts, and ball caps. I got this cool, heavy, and oh so customized wrapping paper. And if one of my maids got the design that says, "Life with Lex" - hahahaha, yeah, that's the 13-year-old who got her bat mitzvah at the Ritz Carleton in DC.

Anyways, by now, my 'maids curiousity is satisfied, but you dear readers are still in the dark. Be enlightened! Read on!

Remember when I posted about coordinating bridesmaid dresses?

Remember when I kept starting every paragraph with "Remember?"?

The point is, that inside the "Life with Lex" wrapping paper, there was a little something that related to coordinating bridesmaid dresses. I made a booklet with rules and guidelines.

Now before you go saying, "Excuse me? Didn't you say you wanted to let them pick their own dresses? You really are a bridezilla!", just consider that some of my 'maids asked me for more structure. What you are about to witness is a book that gives both structure and freedom. Prepare to be awed.

If you let your 'maids choose their own dresses, how much structure and freedom did you give? Did you choose a few styles and then let them choose? Or did you just let them any dress they felt like (regardless of color, cut, etc.)?

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