Thursday, June 11, 2009

Icing on the cake

Another term, similar to icing on the cake, is "that's just gravy." I never associated the two until this past Memorial Day when my Grandma asked for her dessert to be placed in the pool of gravy that had collected after she finished her mashed potatoes.

Whether it's icing, or gravy, this post is really about our potential cake topper. There are two that I've been keeping my eye on whenever I scan through my favorites on Etsy. Today is an interactive post. I only wish I knew how to do "Polls," but I think it'll work just fine to count up the comments.

There's only two requirements I had in mind for the cake topper:
1. Vintage
2. Cheap

That's kindof my mantra most of the wedding details . . . Vintage cheap, vintagcheep, cheep cheep :)

Tell me which one sings to you!


(The item has since expired - sorry no link available for the source!)

And if neither appeals, include a link to your favorite in your comment.

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