Friday, June 19, 2009

Key word: Coordinating (Part 1)

Early in the planning process, I knew that I wanted to let my bridesmaids choose their own dresses. I've never been a bridesmaid myself, so I can't personally attest to the 27 Dress Phenomena (aka, Brides making you buy overpriced, ugly dresses to have lots of pictures taken in).


Then I started to read wedding blogs. Turns out my idea is not new, earth shattering, or even that uncommon.

The Offbeat Bride
A Practical Wedding
The Inspired Bride
And most recently Miss Bear Cub over at Wedding Bee

Many moons ago, I ripped out this image from a bridal magazine. I didn't know who the heck Melissa Sweet was, but I thought the name was fitting, because I loved how these sweet dresses fit together.

Even with some evidence, the "coordinating" b'maid dresses can be a tough sell to certain crowds. I went to the mat for this one though and I look forward to showing you the outcome (in some 200 and odd days). Part 2 of this post will show you how I'm still slightly controlling the outcome and what was wrapped so lovingly for my maids.

PS - I'm racking my brain thinking of a good nickname for the b'maids . . . bridesmaids is too long to type out, b'maids makes me sing old school Fresh Prince (hangin' with my b'maids outside of the school, when a couple of guys who were up to no good . . . ), and just plain maids . . . well that sounds positively feudal. The Pals? The Dromes? Hahahaha - AJLSE? can anyone make a good word from the letters of their first names?

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