Friday, June 26, 2009

Tick tock, Tick tock

Similarly to the fear that Captain Hook had of the sound of the passing of time, I watch the hands go round the clock and the days fly by in the calendar and am scared for my life. Not my life, but for the orderly and pleasant planning of the wedding.


I haven't had much to blog about recently because I've been in a fight with the clock and so far the score is like 16-0.

1. Save the Dates: Order complete, still at the UPS shipping center in Oregon
2. Venue: Application complete, waiting for the official contract
3. Photographer: Initial search and interviews complete, waiting for negotiated prices before official booking
4. Caterer: Gathered recommended list, waiting for venue confirmation
5. Veil: Bought the Tulle, have a plan, but need to figure out a good time and have a friend help

I have accomplished one thing recently though - Unity Candles. I'll post pics and how-to after my move and the our house closing. Clock wins again.

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