Monday, June 8, 2009


One of my first thoughts about wedding colors was to incorporate pearl and silver. While not colors per se, I wanted these finishes/metallics to round out the feel.

So far, pearls have been incorporated:
1. On my dress - after swearing I didn't want lots of beading, the outer layer of my dress sports little clumps of crystals and pearls.
2. In the bouts - I found little pearl picks, pearlized flowers, and pearlesque buttons (see post below and click for larger image).
3. On the bridesmaid pomanders - I've been attaching the fabric flowers with pearl tipped pins and adding pearlized buttons.

The list will increase as I find other little places to tuck them in.

The most obvious place I'm not incorporating pearls is on my neck.


You'll see when I unveil my dress story why that is. It does not mean that I'm going to abandon pearl necklaces all together though. I just bought my first real pearl necklace and earrings set with a portion of my raise. I got an amazing deal on them at Macy's. We decided to set up our registry and to do that, we had to open a Macy's card for the cash back option (more on that later). The day we set up the registry, also happened to be the day of the Macy's one day sale.

I'm so proud of my savings, I'll give you the breakdown:
70% off all Pearl jewelry
+ an extra 10% off for the 1 day sale
+ an extra 20% off for buying with our new Macy's card
= I paid a little over $100 for over $600 worth of pearls

Oh yeah! It was such a good deal that I almost felt bad about it. But people, it just goes to show that there are some amazing deals in this economy.

I had no idea how to care for my new lovelies. So I turned to my resident preppy homemaker goddess, Christine. Check out her awesome pearl care tips for me here.

All that to say, that I def. want to wear my pearls, but they'll probably be making their appearances at the rehearsal dinner or shower or whatnot.

Did you wear pearls on your wedding day? Did you get a deal on yours, or were they heirlooms?


Allison said...

Pearls? You're busting out your inner sorority girl! I like it.

Christine said...

Thanks for the shout out! Obviously I incorporated pearls into my wedding day ensemble. My Mom and I have nearly an identical strand of pearls and I actually wore hers as my 'something borrowed.' I also dropped sufficient hints and received a pair of diamond and pearl drop earrings as a wedding gift from my husband. They tied together my engagement ring and necklace quite nicely!
I love the idea of heirloom jewelry and totally encourage it - wonderful sentimental touch. Actually, I also had an heirloom pin on my bouquet from the Holland side.

melinda said...

@AK - I thought they were kinda my Jackie O statement - was she in a sorority? lol - probably.

@Christine - That's so neat about wearing your mom's set! We don't really have any heirloom jewelry in the family, but I'm hoping my set can one day serve as the heirloom piece :)