Monday, October 26, 2009

Behind the Veil

My master's work involved lengthy research on veiling in the Middle East. My choice to veil is much less political, and not even entirely religious. I love the look of it actually. Regardless of the symbolism, the veil appeals to me as delicious and delicate. Take at a look at these gorgeous photos by David Schwartz (a top tier local photographer): Maya and Eric.

Right. So a veil it was. Like pretty much all my other DIY endeavors, this idea started with sticker shock and was followed by a little: "I could do that." I searched around on the internet a little and found bridal illustion tulle at Save on Crafts. It was about $40 for 50 yards of it. I specifically ordered the 54" width in ivory. I figured I could completely goof at least 3 veils with some yardage to spare.

I had to enlist the help of my friend, Christine, and she was the perfect person to help fashion my veil. Christine sews a little and is very conscientious. She carefully laid out my train and arranged the tulle.

Since the tulle was so sheer, she laid colored tissue paper down to help see where she was cutting.

While she cut, I gathered the tulle at the top of my head and allowed for extra on the front end for an elbow length blusher.  After she finished cutting, we went into the hallway of my apt. building for a couple full length shots.  I hadn't seen any of my neighbors in about 3 weeks.  As soon as I walk out in a gown and veil, all three of my closest neighbors start coming in and out with groceries, garbage, and their dog.  Haha, "Hi guys."

I just gathered up my train and let them pass.  I wish the pics were better, but we couldn't get started until after work hours, so by the time we finished cutting, it was well past sunset.

One last look at the front and my chagrin at the busy hallway!

To finish the veil, I followed Mrs. Beagle's and Mrs. Perfume's tutorials to add the comb.  I ended up sewing it on and then having to do it over because I sewed the comb in backwards.  Check twice, sew once ladies!  Learn from my mistakes.  I'll show you how I finished it with a bit of ribbon around the rough edge of the comb when I try it all on together at my final fitting!

Are you contemplating making your own veil?  Which lengths do you like with your dress?

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