Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Little Blue Book

This is my little blue book - full of wedding vendors, to do lists, and inspiration.  It has been my constant companion, even through my seasonal purse change.

My dear Aunt sent it to me shortly after my engagement and inscribed the first page with a note and a verse from the Bible.

You can also see all the junk that fell out of the front including a handwritten list and my makeup artist's card.
My aunt also tucked in this little card of advice about God being involved in your marriage and playing a role in cementing your bond as a couple.  It serves as a reminder that we're not alone and that God is there for us.

It has handy dandy tabs for appointments, ideas, to dos, books & mags, budget, and shopping.  As you can tell, the budget and shopping tabs are starting to wear a little ragged . . . Hmmmm.

This is an example of the type of item that I track in this little book.  I was scrolling through and instead of bookmarking each of my favorites, I just jotted down the name so that I had easy access to them later if I wasn't in front of my computer.

Some things still don't quite make it into the book - like this note to call a vendor.  It did, however, make it to a sticky note which got stuck to the back of my little blue book.  So I consider that a half success.

Do you keep a notebook in your purse for spontaneous wedding thoughts?  Do you use your smart phone or another electronic form? 

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