Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tossing Tradition

 I've been the single girl, hoping to catch the bouquet, enough times to know I don't want to partake in the tossing tradition at our reception.


Instead, I'm tossing tradition and considering some the Martha Stewart suggested alternatives:
  1. Save your bridal bouquet and throw a special "fortune bouquet" composed of a dozen or so small clusters of flowers bound together with a ribbon that you untie before you throw. Each mini bouquet is bundled with a different romantic fortune.
  2. If you prefer, toss out the toss and try this custom popular in Finland instead: The bride is blindfolded, and the unmarried women form a circle around her. While music plays, the bride slowly turns in place in one direction and the women walk, arms linked, the other way. Everyone stops when the music ends, and the bride walks forward to hand off her flowers to the person directly in front of her.
Another idea, inspired by Miss Bruschetta, is to gather all of the guests on the dance floor and have both the Future Mr. Palindrome and I shower our guests with gift cards or scratch offs.  The Opera House has a great balcony on the third floor that overlooks the dance floor.

Since I would have to make/buy another bouquet and garter for the toss, I think it'd be more fun for everyone if I spent the money on something more useful for the recipients. 

Is my practical side getting the better of me?  Will people miss the traditional toss, or will they be glad the tradition was tossed?


A Creative Bride said...

This could be a "best of both worlds" situation. Typically the florist throws in a toss bouquet for free. Are you creating your own flowers? I love the toss as well and you can always change it up by throwing both! I love the balcony in the opera house (btw), it's perfect for this situation!!

melinda said...

I'm totally taking advantage of the balcony! Now just to decide what to toss :)