Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Birth of My Invitations

From the time they were conceived as an idea in my mind, until I gave them wings to fly across the country, creating these bad boys has been the project most resembling the child rearing process to me. 

At first, I thought invitations were "nice."  Other people's invitations were just lovely, but they seemed like a really big committment.  They were something that I always wanted, but didn't feel ready to take the next step. 

After some soul searching, I came to the realization that it was now or never to start trying.  I explored the different options, trying to figure out what was right for us as a couple.  I even borrowed one to get used the feeling of holding an invitation in my hands.

When my invitations arrived at my home, I lovingly tucked them into their box and thought of all the cute ways I could dress them up.  I hand cut belly bands, experimented with wax seals, and hand cut envelop liners.  I dressed them in their Sunday best, ready to face the world.  In one last act of motherly love, I kissed them each (and no, I didn't die like Susan on Seinfeld) and set them up with some mail money.

Today was the day I drove them to their big world stage debut. 

Goodbye little invitations!  Safe trip! 

Mommy loves you!

Were you attached to your invitations?  Or were you relieved when they finally left the house?

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Maggie said...

You look so happy to set them free!