Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TJ Maxx and I are like *this*

My name is Palindrome "Impulse Buyer" Bride.  I've got the shopping gene and it's a strong one passed down by grandmotherdrome to motherdrome to me.  TJ Maxx, Ross, DSW, Marshalls, Home Goods . . . I imagine a piece of heaven to be similar stores where you find a bargain everytime you walk in. 

Thankfully for my overtaxed personal budget, the wedding budget has allowed me to satisfy some impulse buying without any guilt.  For example, I was wandering around TJ Maxx at the Janaf Center (a tad on the sketchy side, but they have surprisingly good stuff) and happened to spot these little guys:

I had candleholders on my list of wedding items to buy.  I like lace.  I like vintage.  Black is in my color palette.  I held my breath and checked the bottoms for prices.  Clearance! Cha-ching!  I grabbed the trio and walked out that night with about $10 less in my pocket and these beauts swinging in a bag from my arm. 

Can't you picture them on my guest book table?  Or maybe by the seating chart?  I can't wait to see the candles in them and how the lace looks with the warm glow!

Are you keeping your eyes out for wedding items at your regular haunts?  Have you had any success stories at a discount store?

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TheRoddyBride said...

Oh aren't those pretty!! I should have kept an eye out at those discount stores but I didn't.