Sunday, October 11, 2009

Palindromaid S and her feminine vintage look

Palindromaid S just received her custom dress to pull her vintage look together!

Clockwise from the Top
Dress: Monica Freng (Etsy seller: MoniRose)
Earrings: Swarovski
Necklace: Macy's
Shoes: Macy's

I was really eager to hear about her experience with a custom dress, so I weberviewed her! 

Q: Why did you decide to have your dress custom made?
A: Once you told me the parameters for choosing a dress, I was thrilled with the challenge of finding the perfect one. Unfortunately, I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. So if I did find a dress I loved, it was hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars more than I was willing to spend. There were lots of Okay black dresses, but none really struck me as special for the amount of money they cost. Finally, I was perusing Etsy (which you introduced me to) for jewelery when I noticed the Alchemy feature. Commission someone to make a custom dress for me at and I get to pick the price? It sounded like a dream!

Q: Were you nervous about posting an alchemy request?
A: I was a little nervous! But I knew that if no one came forward with options that I liked, then I wasn't going to be forced to pick someone to work with. I had the freedom to drop the idea. I was also nervous about being fair - I didn't want to insult anyone by asking too low a price for the dress or drive anyone away from making bids. Also, I knew there was a bit of risk in the final product not being the quality I wanted. Nevertheless, I took the plunge.

Q: How did you decide which vendor to ultimately work with?
A: I had nine people offer to make me my dress. All the info I provided was my dress size, ideal price, and a photo of the dress I wanted made/replicated. I declined some of the offers right away because the estimated costs were too much. For the remaining contenders, I asked for portfolios of their bridal/evening gown work if they had not provided me with them and noted whether they were easy to communicate with, meaning they were careful to address all my comments and questions. I finally chose to work with Monica because of the beautiful work she had done in the past (I was thoroughly impressed that she amde her own BEAUTIFUL wedding dress, as well as all the dresses for her bridesmaids) and her openness in her e-mails.

Q: Describe the process of working with the seamstress.
A: Working with Monica was very easy. We had discussions about types of fabrics that would fit in my budget and provide similar drape and flow as the dress in the photo I provided as a guide to the design. Then we had discussions about the ideal color combinations, given the color palette you provided to the bridesmaids. She then sent me a list of measurements that she would need. I got a neighbor to measure me, sent the numbers to Monica, and that was pretty much it. She gave me plenty of updates regarding when she purchased the fabric, when she started the dress, and when she anticipated sending it to me.

Q: How did the dress fit when you received it?
A: I was nervous putting on the dress. What if it was all wrong!? But my worries were for nothing. It all fit pretty well. The bust needs to be taken in a little but that's much easier than having it be too slight. Also, if I could, I'd have the dress be about a half an inch longer. However, I realize those are my own measuring issues and not the fault of Monica in any way, shape, or form.

Q: Would you commission another dress in the future?
A: Yes! I love having clothes custom made for me. It makes me feel unnecessarily special. I've had custom made dresses made for me before, when I was in Asia for part of my study-abroad. It's something fun to do once in a while if the price is right.

Q: Do you recommend the seamstress you worked with?
A: Absolutely. I've loved sharing updates with my friends about how my dress has developed. Monica was easy to work with and none of my questions were ever too stupid for her to address. She did great work for a fair price. I've already been recommending her to friends who are in need of bridesmaids dresses in the future.

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