Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bust Altering

The number one alteration The Melinda had to endure was in the bust area.  It had to be taken in.  Way in.  I contemplated Take Outs, built in bras, water bras, etc.  I settled for exactly what my momma gave me.  Outside of the disheartening pinning up top, the dress fitting was one of the more fun parts of wedding planning for me.

After struggling with DIYs that weren't going right, our seemingly never ending search for entertainment,  and  figuring out the final guest list, I reveled in putting my gown on.  I feel like a bride when I'm wearing her.  I feel like it will all be worth it.  I look forward to the Future Mr. Palindrome's anticipation of seeing me for the first time.  I think about dancing with Dad in the dress.  I think about the dress hanging next to Palindromother and Grand Palindromother's dresses for the next generation.

That's the sentimental and calming part of trying on the gown again.

The nitty gritty part of trying on the gown again was in separating the two pieces, fitting the underneath part, and then hemming all of the layers to the correct length. 

I won't see the dress again December for the final fitting.  I miss having her hanging in my closet.  The rest of my little studio apartment does not miss her taking up half the apartment.

Did you enjoy the fitting process?  What kind of feelings does your dress give you?

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3 o'clock walk said...

Your dress looks amazing on you. I too will have lace on my gown...whenever I find it :P I am still searching for the perfect one.