Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet my friend, Murphy

Murphy is one devilish guy.  He has this personal law that he lives by, and it goes something like this: If it can go wrong, it will.  Murphy is like the kid you don't really want to play with because he breaks all your toys, but you just can't seem to hide from him.  It's like he finds you in the tree house, at the pool, on the playground.  He's got a knack for being in all the same places as you.

Murphy came in for unexpected visit.  He's like the 12th cousin twice removed from Cousin Eddie.  He's been staying with me for a while and doesn't have plans to leave.  This is a small piece of havoc he wrought in my life over the weekend:

I was driving to my 4th hair trial (story coming soon!) when I got trapped by a flash flood, blew a tire driving over a curb to avoid said flood, and then spent 4 hours in a 7-11 waiting for the flood waters to recede, all the while some large, intimidating men (whom the 7-11 employees guessed were strung out) tried to bust through the locked door.  And that is the short story.

(That's my poor little Corolla with the blown front tire and the missing hub cap!)
All of this to say, that with the wedding just days away now, I've come to terms with the fact that Murphy isn't leaving before then.  Things will continue to go wrong not the way I had planned.  My entire Saturday, and the major portions of each day since then, have been spent dealing with car issues instead of tying up last minute wedding loose ends.  As I learned on a couple of trips to the Pacific for conferences, the key trait to have when dealing with Murphy is flexibility - rolling with the punches.  Sometimes, life has a way of double crossing Murphy.  Something will go wrong, but in the end it turns out better than you could have planned it.  Sometimes though, it just gets so absurd, you have to laugh.  In that way, Murphy is double crossed again because you have a hilarious story to tell at dinner parties for the rest of your life.  So I say, "Bring it on, Murph!  Bring it!"

Do you have a Murphy or real cousin Eddie that will be attending your wedding?  How have you been dealing with unexpected snafus during the planning?

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