Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Return of the Wedding Shoe Search

I'm a closet horror flick junkie.  Old stuff. New Stuff. Silly stuff. Gory stuff.  Doesn't matter.  One of the future Mr. Palindrome's roommates had a pretty big DVD collection that included a lot of horror movies.  When the future Mr. Palindrome would have to stand duty on his boat, I would get up in the morning to say goodbye and then pick out a stack of movies to pass the day away.  Nothing like Texas Chainsaw Massacre at 5:30 am.  One trick they almost always use to enhance the fear is an open door for the antagonist to return for a (what will surely be a terribly executed) sequel.

My wedding shoe search is pretty much like a lame-o horror flick series. I dealt with the Tom Cruise mental block.  I dealt with the oppressive people pleasing.  I thought everything was calm and right in the world again. We shot our gorgeous engagement photos.  Duh, DUh, DUH!  

The future Mr. Palindrome saw the photos and asked me if it was too late for me to get a pair of flats to wear to the wedding.


Right.  The nerves in my stomach started to twitch.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck.  I immediately called the seamstress to see if the dress had already been hemmed to the height of my heels.  I rescheduled a last minute fitting to pin the new length.  Then I commenced on a frantic two day search from you know where in order to find a pair of shoes for the rescheduled fitting.  I went to every shoe store at the mall.  I went to Rack Room, DSW, Marshalls, Ross, Steinmart, and TJ Maxx.  I revisited all of the flats that I had considered before.  I was running in circles.  I was sick about spending more money.  I was waking up everyday and reliving the wedding shoe search!  After two days of being skunked, I rescheduled the appointment again to buy more time for the search.

Palindromother sent me 20+ links during searches she did while recovering from an illness.  She assured me that we would find something.  Palindromaid L scoured the internets as well, hoping to hit it big after she came through the engagement shoes.  After another week, we came up with two contenders.

Colorful Creations bridal shoes in Ivory with a kitten heel

Geneva by Romantic Soles in Red Satin

As they say, "If the shoe fits . . . " - so I ordered them and held my breath.  Could any good come from either of these?  The kitten heels were risky, but was the red riskier?  Would they fit? Would the future Mr. Palindrome like them?  Would Motherdrome like them?  Would I like them?

Just like a bad sequel, I'm going to leave you hanging so that I can reintroduce my whole look.

Did you make a wedding related decision that keeps un-resolving itself?  What wedding related item has been your toughest search?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Ooh, I like the red. Pretty scary about the last minute alterations. Glad it worked out and bummer that you had to deal with this but so sweet of you to try to appease your man.

I can't say we've had any unresolved wedding decisions though there have been a few minor changes. And I did return one item that looked 'cheap' for a nicer looking version. Still just over 4 months to go though so you never know - sigh.

Asian bridal makeup said...

Those shoes are really very beautiful!