Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Hot Tip

If it were any hotter, I'd charge ya. 

Have Thank You cards ready to go early.

Having these bad boys at the ready, will save you heartache, pain, agony, ulcers, and appendicitis.  Ok, well maybe not appendicitis. 

If you plan on buying them, no problemo.  Just order a bunch (like the same number of invitations you ordered plus extras if you're having a shower) a few months out.  If you're a glutton for crafting punishment like me, then get those magic fingers a cuttin' and a stampin'!  Here, I've turned my kitchen table into a Thank You card workshop.  After stamping and arranging cards to dry all over the table, I promptly starting cursing that I had run out of horizontal drying surfaces.  "Dagnabbit!  I've stamped myself into a 2 foot square space and can't reach the bathroom!" 

For the showers, I created lots of blue stamped wonders on some deeply discounted Martha Stewart notecards.  I've learned that whenever I see blank notecards on sale to snatch them up.  I actually will use them and not just find them in a box after 2 more moves and wonder why I ever bought them in the first place.

I also made an assortment of black and white cards that match our wedding colors to use whenever I need a note.  The embellishments were all in the clearance section which I frequent every time I'm within 100 yards of a Michael's.  My sniffer has gotten really good at sniffing out the items in our wedding colors.

As we have received gifts, I have been sending Thank Yous so that the sender knows we have received the gift and appreciate their kind thoughts.  Though I know that we'll have plenty to write post wedding as well, having the notes made already will make the process a little easier.  Well, that and a bottle of wine. 

Do you have any Thank You card tips?  Did any preparations make your process easier?

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