Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hair and Makeup Trial, Take Three

Yes, I was one of those those mean girls who would mock other multiple trial brides in my head.  They must be too picky or they must be bridezillas.  Now that I have a walked a mile in the shoes of a multiple trial bride, I apologize!  This has been an absurd experience at best and a frustrating one at worse.  If you missed my first two trials, catch up here and here, and then join me back here for the continuation.

I went into a salon to try a new stylist.  I decided to only show pictures of old hollywood actresses for hair inspiration.  The siren who keeps calling me is Lauren Bacall, so I repeatedly told the stylist that I loved her.

We talked about old movies.  We talked about being old souls.  We talked so much, that I really thought she got me.  She worked my hair in pin curls and I thought this was such a positive sign.  Then I showed her my makeup inspiration:

Ruby lips! Flawless skin! Nice brows! Brown eye makeup!  As I watched the makeup come together, I thought things were going fairly well.  We tried a few shades of red lipstick on my hand and I chose a more brown than pink shade.  However, when the pin curls came out and the stylist swept bangs over my forehead, I knew that we just missed the mark.  I explained that I didn't like that and all of the pictures I brought showed hair swept up and away from the face.  I pinched my hair showed her how I did it for my engagement pictures and how I want volume on top.  I really tried.  I went outside of my comfort zone.  Then I went home and I held back tears as I took these pictures:

It's all very pretty.  I've tried to see how they relate to my inspiration pictures.  To me, I look a little on the goth side because of the lining on the bottom of the eye.  I also look completely washed out with the flash (which is how most of my photographs will need to be taken).  I have a head full of hair that holds curl and will go as high as you want it to go, but for whatever reason, I have the distinct inability to properly communicate that I want exactly what the picture shows.  I sent the pictures around to Motherdrome, Ms. P, and the Palindromaids.  I received similar feedback from them.  So the search continues and the timeline gets shorter!

If you were me, would you settle for one of my previous looks or keep searching?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I can see why you would be frustrated with the stylists you've had so far. Sorry it's becoming a hassle. I do think you should keep searching until you are happy for sure. I have to admit that I think I like the makeup from your very first trial the best. But I like the hair from the 3rd trial the best. I can see why you might think it is not quite what the inspiration photos have in them, but I also think it's much closer. Just do as you said and try to be really honest with them. Maybe you should print out these three blogs and take them to another stylist to read and *then* work on you? :P

Maggie said...

I like this hair and lipstick the best. You're right about the eye makeup though. And I think this hairstyle looks really great with the birdcage or whatever you call that veil. :)

melinda said...

Mrs. Beever - that is not a half bad suggestion! I very well may do that! Thanks :)

Maggie - Thanks!

Patience said...

I would keep searching because you are not happy with the looks they have come up with so far and the last thing you want is to be unhappy on your special day.