Friday, November 6, 2009

Hair and Makeup Trial

The last time Palindromother was visiting me, we decided to combine the visit with a hair and makeup trial.  I started with my hair down and a clean face.

I had a few pictures of inspiration that revolved mostly around old hollywood styling, similiar to Lauren Bacall's hair that I added to my overall look inspiration.

Dress sourced from, shoes by myself, Lauren from Janez World, and earrings from Fincara.

Sigh, but I made an rookie mistake.  I said I wanted this particular look, but "was open to other things."  I sealed my fate to not get the look I wanted, instead receiving a myriad of other styles.  The first two options, I didn't even like enough to document with pictures.  The last option was ok, but I ended up sporting a half up-do. 


After three tries, I made another rookie mistake.  I stopped trying to get what I wanted.  I said, "Ok" and we moved on to makeup.  I thought it might grow on me more or something.

The makeup, I loved!  We used Mary Kay mineral makeup.  I have no idea what shade anything was in becuase, quite frankly, I'm not a makeup girl.  I'm a chapstick girl that sometimes wears mascara.  I call it "keeping it real for the future Mr. Palindrome."  This look I loved though, and the mineral makeup was super light.

Notice the recurring role that my earrings are playing!  Hehehe, I've seriously wondered if I could pull them off for every day!  For the big day, I may want to go a little more red with the lip color.

After a few hours, I decided, I really didn't like the hair afterall.  If I was going to do a half up-do, I wanted more volume on the top.  Fatherdrome took this picture after I repinned the bobby pins a little:

I liked it better, but I need to remind myself that my idea of what "coy eyes" are, just translates to "scared" on film.  I should start practicing for the wedding day now -  the list of acceptable looks I can give the camera. LOL.

At the end of the day, I think I"m going to try to do another hair trial where I only take in the old hollywood pictures where the hair is completely down and ask for exactly what the picture shows.  This takes a lot guts for this Palindrome Bride, who wants to please everyone, including her hair dresser!  Writing this post and seeing the pictures again though has solidified it in my mind - I have to see what it would look like down!

Did your personality keep you from getting what you wanted during the wedding process?  Are you able to speak your mind and get results right away, or does it take time to build up your courage?

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