Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making the list, and checking it twice

The future Mr. Palindrome and I were watching football on Thanksgiving day (a tradition right up there with eating turkey) when he turned to me during the commercials and said, "I don't understand why anyone would go shopping on Black Friday." 

I fell off the couch, died a thousand deaths, revived myself and ask him if he were serious.

"Yeah, I mean, it doesn't seem like they're having that good of sales.  And it's crowded."

I fell off the couch again.  I was out cold for a few minutes.  This.  This was. This was blasphemy!!!  If my parents taught me anything, it was that Black Friday is pure magic.  You eat turkey, you watch football, you watch Miracle on 34th Street, then you go to bed early so that you can up with the alarm and get some doorbuster action!

Growing up, I'd wait for my parents to come home from their early outing, anxious to see if I could catch peeks at potential presents.  They typically completed the vast majority of their Christmas shopping this way.

I've been following suit for the past few years.  It just feels so good to get it all done before December even starts!  You can put up your tree and stash the freshly wrapped presents beneath it to enjoy for the next month.   Something about it just satisfies my inner longing to start celebrating Christmas.

This year, since I'm in wedding high gear, I decided that Black Friday was THE DAY to finish all of my Christmas shopping.  I marathoned it for 5 hours (at the lovely South Point Shops in Durham! Woot Woot!).  My feet were sore, I had a caffeine headache, and I had to run out to the car to drop off handfuls of bags a few times, but goshdarnit!  I crossed off every single last person on my list.  Yesterday, I wrapped them while listening to carols and now the only part left is the distribution.  The only part missing was a little dusting of snow!

Have you pushed up your Christmas shopping to work around wedding planning?  Or better yet, were you able to take advantage of any Black Friday sales for wedding supplies?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I definitely don't feel like I am as into the Christmas spirit as I usually am since I am all consumed with wedding plans :) But I traditionally try to do all of my shopping online and have it all shipped to me. Funny thing is, this year I went out on Black Friday for the first time ever! And I also went out on Saturday. While I didn't get all of my shopping finished, I did get a huge chunk of it knocked out! :)

Katie said...

You know, I have never had the urge to go shopping on Black Friday until this year...there were amazing discounts on suits...we got my fiance's suit AND all of the groomsmen's suits and saved over $600...thank GOODNESS!