Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If you remember my gorgeous invitations, you might have been wondering what the heck ever happend to my shower.  I knew it would be a doozy of a post to pull together, and today is the day!

Motherdrome and Palindrome Maid of Honor threw the most beautiful shower.  Motherdrome turned her house into a bona fide tea room with real china tea settings and lots of special touches.  In the photograph below, you can see some of the spread and the table where the future Mr. Palindrome's family and mine mingled over Earl Grey.

Motherdrome created these sweet menus for each place setting.  Palindromaid of Honor E made scones from scratch and several family friends contributed with tasty tea sandwhiches. 

After the tea, it was time to open presents!  Palindromaid L made these amazing, personalized Bingo sheets for the game.  The flourishes are so me!

This is me opening a card and gift.  Look closely at the card.  Can you see the stockings, as in the Christmas stockings?

My friend AK is in the pink jacket.  As you can see from the look on Palindromaid of Honor E's face, she's finding the card pretty hilarious.

I just had to read the card out loud:  Wishing you peace and happiness this Christmas! for your Shower!

Many cards were meaningful (like the one from my Dad which made me cry), but this card was 100% the funniest!  *Note to self: do not make this face in wedding pictures.*

The gift was almost as funny as the card . . .

because AK had no clue what it was.  The best quotation of the shower: "I don't even know what a Trifle Bowl is."

I had a lovely time catching up with everyone.  It was the first time that the future Mr. Palindrome family's women met the women of my family.  And I especially loved seeing my Palindromaids.


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