Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hair and Makeup Trial, Take Two

I confided in you all a few weeks ago that I was having second thoughts about the translation of my wedding hair/makeup from inspiration to execution.  I had only given my stylist one photo to work with and then just went with whatever suggestion she had in the moment. The photo I had was torn out of a wedding magazine months ago and looks a little like this:

I'm not sure what I thought  it had to do with my theme (vintage) or season (winter) . . . but I got a dewy make up job with pink lips and a half up do that I felt like I do myself for fancy occasions.  All because I'm not good at saying that I don't like things.  I took courage from friends and decided to try again.  I made another appointment and this time sent ahead several inspiration photos.  I also had them available at the appointment.  Here's what I brought:

Sourced from via Moodboard

I knew what I wanted and I was going to ask precisely for the look: Hair all down and focus on red lips (similar to Miss Hamster's inspiration).  We did the hair before the makeup, so ignore my monochromatic pastiness for the first few shots!

I wanted to try on both of my veils (cathedral length for the ceremony and birdcage for the reception) to make sure having all of my hair down worked with both.

Making the birdcage veil was completely an impromptu venture on my part.  I had some leftover tulle from the cathedral length veil laying about and I just started to play with it.  I was twisting it around my fingers as I talked on the phone and then it just sortof started taking a birdcage type shape.  More on this process to come!

I'm glad I remembered to wear a button down shirt.  It's just like me to forget and wear and turtleneck.  For the wedding day, I was gifted a beautiful silk robe from my dear friend Hannah that I plan on wearing.

I'm going to add some layers to my hair at my last trim before the wedding so that it's not SO. STRAIGHT. ACROSS.  Seriously, that straight line is like a wedding day ruler. 

There we go!  A smile!  I liked this look a lot better.

A more serious face so you can see the lip color a little bit more. 

Luckily, friends of mine threw a small shower/bachelorette for me that night so I could test the hair and makeup in real life.  I got my dance on and was out until way past my bedtime.  As we were leaving downtown, my friends were amazed at how well my hair held up.  It was a pain to comb out the next day, but I was really pleased that the curls didn't fall.  To keep my pouty red lips fresh, I'm going to purchase a tube of this particular color to keep in my clutch (which I just finished sewing and can't wait to show you!).

Did you have to do a second hair/makeup trial?  Did you test your wedding day look for longevity?

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Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I am actually going to contact my stylist to have a second trial done because like you, I just felt like it didn't translate well. She tried with the pics I showed her but I don't think I even knew exactly how to describe it. Now I have some more shots and words to use to help guide her in the right direction. However, this time, I'm going to wait until about a month or two before the wedding :) So glad you went back and asked for a do-over.