Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Engagement Outfit

After drooling over some gorgeous vintage inspired engagement shoots, I knew that I had to incorporate some vintage styled clothing into a few of the Palindrome's e-shoot pics.  I combed through Etsy trying to find a dress with the right measurements and the right price tag.  Here are some of the dresses I tagged along the way:

I decided that I really loved the nautical look of the polka dots and when I bought the red dress above (for $24!!!), I was working under the assumption that I could coax the future Mr. Palindrome into a pair of his service dress khakis, with that cute garrison hat - how romantic and how vintage, right?????? Like straight out of a WWII Hollywood flick!  I commenced with a search for the perfect red shoes to go with the dress and found these knockouts:
I wasn't 100% sure about buying vintage/used shoes and so I sat ton them, checking them daily until one day they disappeared.  I literally was searching for them with my credit card in hand, ready to purchase.  Instead, I set about a frantic search for a replacement and enlisted the help of Palindromaid L.  She deftly found these awesome pumps:

The Nine West Tampest pumps fit perfectly with the polka dots of the dress.  They look killer and unfortunately feel killer as well.  Like many women who have gone before me, I prioritized the look over the feel and wore them for my engagement shoot anyways.  My feet hurt for one day, but my pics will last a lifetime.  Who am I? I don't know, but I hope after the whole wedding thing is over that the sensible shoe wearing version of myself reappears.  My bunions will thank me later.

As I mentioned before, I was all set to have the future Mr. Palindrome wear his uniform, but we ran into a slight problem.  He had been growing his hair out since he got out of the military this past summer.  Turns out that business school doesn't care as much about hair length and he started wearing it either under a ball cap or in more of a Mad Men style with a side part.  Wildly out of regulation hair just wouldn't do with the uniform.  I looked back at some inspiration pictures and decided to browse for a vest for him.  I bought a great blue button up shirt and charcoal wool vest at H&M for about $70.  Then I walked into American Eagle looking for leather flip flops on sale and found the exact same men's wear on sale for $35.  I was hugely embarrassed to walk back into H&M to return the clothes I had bought 5 minutes before - but c'mon, half price?  Budget Bride got the best of me.  Anyvest, come to momma, my vest wearing man!

We finished the future Mr. Palindrome's look off with a pair of gray slacks that he already owned.  We didn't wear our vintage outfits for the whole shoot, so we picked out some causal shot outfits the morning of the shoot.

Are you coordinating a special outfit with your fiance for your engagement shoot? 


A Creative Bride said...

The shoes are so cute!! Sacrificing comfort for fashion is so necessary when they are perfect for your outfit :)

melinda said...

Hahaha, yes, my tootsies had to forgive me when they saw how killer they looked! :)

Asian bridal makeup said...

I like the 2nd dress!The red shoes are sexy as well.