Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hostess Gifts

So many lovely hostesses helped make my shower special and I wanted to give them small tokens of my appreciation.  I decided to make them some magnets that they could use on their fridge or in the office.  I loved crafting them by hand and hope that they seemed extra special to the ladies!

I was really excited that I already had most items that I needed to make these magnets.  As a compulsive crafter, I have a ton of crafting supplies that I keep telling myself will come in handy some day.  That day came!

Clear Marble pebbles (from Wal Mart or the Dollar Store)
Glue Stick
Small Rare Earth Magnets (ordered from Etsy Vendor: Ali's Attic)
Patterned Paper (leftover from my invitation belly bands - the  ones in the following pictures were bonus material from Ali in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
Tag Punch
Small take out gift tote (from Michael's)
Rubber Stamp for Tags

1. I held the paper up to the clear marble pebbles and cut them slightly at an angle so that no paper stuck out over the edges.

2. Then I rubbed the little piece of paper onto my gigangtic blue glue stick.  It's a sticky situation, but I bore through it.  I then pressed the paper to the pebble and set it aside to dry while I glued the rest.  I'm showing 4 here, but my ladies received 5 each. 

3.  Oh yeah!  You can bust out the E-6000 for this project too!  Just a little dab will do ya to stick on the uber strong magnet.

4. Set the drying magnets far enough apart so that they don't attract to one another.  At best they'll dry lopsidedly.  At worst . . . you'll have a mess of E-6000 and rare earth magnets on your hands that just won't seperate.  Ever.

5. Punch a cute tag out of whatever paper you happen to have handy (in my case white card stock).

6. Reuse your cute little set of Baby Shower stamps.  I used the round circle and bird from the Martha Stewart Baby Shower clear stamp set and a magenta Crayola marker.

7.  Once the magnets are dry (I let mine set overnight make sure), I prepared a nice, green bed of crumpled paper for them.  You will be seeing this green stuff again!

8. Set your little magnets on the bed of grass.

9. Close up your take out box and tie on the cute tag with a bit of thread.

And there you have it!  A fun hostess gift that's big on style and hand made love!

Oh?  You'd love them for yourself you say?  OK!  I tell you what, I'll give this set away!

Yes, that's right - I'm giving this set to one lucky commenter :)  Leave a comment telling me what you would post on your fridge or file cabinet with these magnets and you could be the recipient of some hand crafted goodness!  One comment per person.  Entries close Sunday night at 8 pm.  Winner will be announced on Monday!

PS - Happy Veteran's Day!  Thank a Vet!

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Christine said...

I would post some fun things like save the dates and so very unglamorous things like the dry cleaning slip!