Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pew Sprucing

I adore the inside of our church. The walls are a soothing green and the dark wood pews maintain a very elegant atmosphere. It's a reverantly decorated church, yet very comforting. To me, it feels like home. Since the church will still be decorated for Christmas on our wedding day, we haven't planned much in the way of other decorations. In fact, I had let it fall off of my radar after I finished the Unity Candles.

Then my coordinator, Miss P, emailed me and casually mentioned these bad boys from Victorian Petals at the end of her note:

Be still my beating heart!  The feathers!  The romance!  Me gusta.  Her idea was to hang them on the pews as the finishing touch to the ceremony decor.  I was all over it.  Then she emailed me and said she thought we could DIY!  She found some materials on Save-on-Crafts (the place I bought my Bridal Illusion Tulle as well):

And then, she offered to make them herself since I have so many other projects on my plate!  I {heart} Miss P!  I ordered the supplies and had materials sent directly to her (enough to make 12 of them).  I love how we can work together like this.  I toss ideas to her and she helps me make the dream a reality.  Or in this case, she found an awesome idea and is taking the lead on executing it.  With all of the other stresses in my life right now, knowing that she's thinking of the details that I'm not, really takes a weight off of me.

Are you decorating your ceremony space in a significant way?  What elements from the space itself are you keeping in your decor?

PS - Save-on-Crafts also had this baby in their online catalog for $2.99!  Unfortunately it wasn't available at the time I purchased my supplies.


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I love Save On Crafts...they have lots of stuff on their site for DIY brides at very reasonable prices. Our venue also won't need much in the way of ceremony decor as it is an outdoor teatro set amongst many trees and flowers :)

melinda said...

Oh, I'm jealous! I would have loved an outdoor space. I'm sure it'll be beautiful!

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