Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With this Token

The future Mr. Palindrome isn't really a ring person.  He even jokingly asked if we could exchange wedding watches.  I was on board, but in the end we decided on a ring as our token of love and affection.  I gave you a sneak peek here, but that was just the beginning of my little photo shoot.  My engagement ring must have told the wedding rings about her shoot, because the wedding rings just pleaded with me to get in on that action.

The future Mr. Palindrome's ring is a solid 4mm 14k white gold comfort fit band.  Plain vanilla for him.  Mine, on the right, was custom etched to match the antique wheat pattern on my engagement ring.

The band for my set is a little bit thicker than the band for the engagement ring.  At first I wasn't sure that it was what I wanted - for some reason, I thought they should match precisely.  However, after I tried them on together, I liked the whole look.  Since the diamond covers part of the band, it actually looks really natural with the band.

The future Mr. Palindrome purchased my engagement ring around last Christmas.  We were so pleased with the quality of product and service, that we decided to return for our bands.  It took me about 30 minutes to order mine.  It took the future Mr. Palindrome about 2 hours to try on plain bands.  Then it took another 2 weeks to make the final decision.

Since the shop is in Virginia Beach, I picked up the rings after work last week.  I've had a few, "Wow, this is it!  I'm getting married!" moments, but this one was so tangible.  Holding the rings and thinking of the vows was so surreal.

For those interested in the details, we worked with Randy at Long Jewelers off of Virginia Beach Blvd.  The future Mr. Palindrome went to over a dozen different jeweler's shops in the area before settling at Long's.  He said he was impressed by the quality and selection of the diamonds.  He also said that he was given an even better deal when he paid in cash.  Randy even worked on a deal for us with the bands.  In short, we highly recommend Long Jewelers and can't wait to show off our new hardware!

Did you buy your rings from the same jeweler?  How did you decide where to purchase your rings?


Jenn and Eric said...

We got all of ours from the same jeweler. DH made my engagment ring made special-order. We liked the crafstmanship so well, that we went back when it was time to order wedding bands. I got a plain jane titanium band (to match the engagment ring). DH picked out a Tungsten band that looks like a nut from a bolt. Totally fitting with being a machinehead/bubblehead.

melinda said...

Yay! That sounds really cool. Sub love to y'all!