Monday, November 30, 2009

Missing my Pap Pap

I was reading Post Secret over coffee this morning (as is my normal Monday Morning Ritual).  The response to the 11th post card down was so touching as the reader described how her father was with her when she walked down the aisle.

I'm blessed to have my father still with me to walk down the aisle.  The future Mr. Palindrome and I are also extremely lucky to have 6 grandparents joining us for our wedding.  Between the two of us, we each have only lost one grandparent and we feel extremely blessed to be sharing our day with so many of our grandparents.  While I'm grateful for the abundance of love that will surround us, I still am sad that my grandfather, Pap Pap, has passed away and won't be with us. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Pap Pap, Dad and me.  Although whoever took the picture cut off part of his head, it shows his enormous height and his signature glasses.  we always joked that I grew to be one of his tallest granddaughters.  This is always the image I think of when I consider the impact these two men have had on my life.

I knew that I wanted to bring a memory of him to the wedding, but didn't really have any ideas for the concrete execution.  As I was reading through WB archives, I came across several lovely ideas from Mrs. Magnolia, Mrs. Crabcake,  Mrs. Hot Cocoa.  Using their inspiration, I decided to incorporate a photograph on my bouquet and explored several options - scrabble tile, glass tile, small metal picture frame, etc.  Then I remembered that my Pap Pap and grandma had given me a locket for my 13th birthday.

The crap photograph is courtesy of my Blackberry, which, due to a set of unfortunate happenings, is the only camera I have to this week.  Note the ever lovely Mrs. Dumpling and her cutie patootie in the background as I watched Bee TV.

I'm going to add the photograph and nestle it into my bouquet so that on my wedding day, I can hold on to some very fond memories of our relationship. 

Are you carrying a memory with you on your wedding day?

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Flip Flop Bride said...

I love PostSecret, and I was really touched when I saw that secret as well. So glad that you have a way to bring Pap Pap with you on your wedding day!