Friday, December 25, 2009

Hair and Makeup Trial, Take Four, Five and Six

Or, How I Used Hot Rollers.  Or How Hair and Makeup Overtook My Shoe Nightmare.

Well color me pink and call me a hot roller.  After hair trials 1, 2, and 3,  I rolled and teased my way through 3 more trials at home.

As seen on the far left, I think I was the most successful at my first try. The waves on the right side of the picture are as close to my inspiration as I've gotten, but a large portion on the left side just didn't end up curling.  I also didn't have a drop of hairspray in my house (I don't remember the last time I used hairspray).  My second try in the middle was quasi-successful, but again, I didn't have hairspray and one roller rebelled.  My third try yesterday involved a bottle of Pantene Extra Hold and turned out the most dubious of all.  My besmirched face says it all.  I think the hairspray just ended up weighing down my hair. 

Ms. P continued to search for hair stylists while I experimented at home.  I think we've found a winner, but with only single digit days until the wedding and my dream stylist across the state, I'm going to have to brave it without a trial.  It's a gamble, but after seeing her online portfolio, I'm willing to throw the dice! 

Did you leave anything to chance on your Big Day?  Or do you think I'm off my rocker for committing without a trial?

PS: I did gain something from my trials at home - a perfect lip color! Maybelline's Superstay Lipcolor in Flame.  I put it on at 8:30 am on Christmas Eve, ate a Wawa Hoagie, moisturized twice with chapstick because I had left the stick in the trunk, remoisturized correctly before Church, and it stayed put for 12 hours.  Palindrome Bride got her red lipstick AND it won't kiss off!

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Katie said...

Wow! I've never tried that lipstick, but that is amazing that it stayed on so long! I am curious to try it myself! Awesome!

Also, I personally LOVE TreSemme hairspray. I use the one with the green label. I spray a little on in the morning, and it gives great hold, but doesn't make your hair crusty at all (unless you spray a boat load into it!). The best part is that a bottle is only $3-4! I bought it on a whim one day because I wanted something cheap for a dance competition, and I have never ever gone back to my expensive hairspray!